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Trust Singleton Whiskey To Take You & Your Girls From Day To Night, Here’s How

Singleton whiskey
We know girls like their drinks sweet.

But every once in a while you have to take a trip to the wild side and experience different tastes and you might just be surprised. This past weekend, we had the time of our life at the Singleton Whiskey stand during the Koroga Festival.

It was not your ordinary tasting, we were taken on a virtual reality (VR) whiskey tasting experience that we’ll never forget.

Singleton Whiskey

Source: ZUMI Kenya

The experience featured a two-minute VR video, which utilises storyboarding, script-writing, animation, CGI and rendering, to take viewers through an ‘into the cask’ experience. Consumers are transported to the highlands of Scotland, through the Glen Ord distillery and into the factory to experience the process of creating The Singleton. During the trip, a brand ambassador hands the person a glass of Singleton to create a full sensory experience.

Singleton whiskey

Source: Redhouse PR

According to the brand, consumers are 20% more likely to taste and appreciate the flavours in whisky with a sensory immersion. As opposed to reading about what the whisky tastes like, consumers were able to see, smell and taste the flavours in The Singleton.

Singleton whiskey

Source: Red House PR

So next time you want to hang out with your girls make sure you get a taste of Singleton whiskey because you will have the time of your life.

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