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Rape Culture Is Still Rife, Read Kemunto’s Heartbreaking Story

In the latest episode of male public figures getting away with a heinous crime, a grim incident of yet another rape comes to light.

What’s not surprising is that the perpetrators seem to avoid the law and continue on with their lives while the victims nurse trauma both physically, mentally and emotionally. Rape culture in Kenya is becoming more rampant because the ones responsible manage to walk scot free.

This time, the victim is the singer, songwriter Kemunto. The young lady narrated her ordeal which occurred in February and the sickening thing is that the perpetrators are well-known rugby players and worse still are busy living normal lives. She took to Instagram to narrate the sickening details of the night that changed her life.

Here’s how it started

Omg! This is just too cruel


Unless you’ve been a victim, there’s no way you can understand what she went through


The way victims are treated is just disgusting


Shame on Frak and his friend! 

Well, now Kemunto is pregnant and even though the baby is innocent, it will remain proof of her ordeal and we hope she can get through this and become stronger. Justifying rape will never make sense and for those who do it, they should reassess their lives. We’ll know where the Kenya Rugby Association stands on the whole issue from how they’ll respond to this accusation. As for Frank and his friend Alex, castration is not a good enough punishment.

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