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4 Ways To Deal With Labour Pain

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Apparently there are ways you can deal with labour pain.

That aching pain that your mother tells you about and probably the reason every mother crushes with disappointment when you get them mad. Every mother talks about labour pain in a way that makes you teary and when you watch the labour pain videos people swear that they will never get children. But here are ways you can sort of ease that pain if you chose the natural way.

1. Breath a lot

We know the last thing you want to be told is to breath when you’re trying to push a whole baby out of you. But apparently it is best to take deep breaths like your working out it helps to keep you in a more relaxed mode, though there’s a high chance you will end up screaming.

labour pains

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2. Move around

Again the last thing you want to be told is get your self up and move around. But get this? By moving around we mean changing positions that will make you comfortable such as squatting or hands and knees in the bed or standing.

labour pains

Image: Dissolve

3. Get that massage

You obviously won’t get a massage like the one in the picture but if you have friends and family ask them to massage your back it might actually help. They should either rub your feet or temples to help you keep calm.

labour pains

Image: Healthline

4. Get that epidural

This is a more expensive option but it has helped many women get through labour. An epidural is basically given via a slow continuous drip so you can’t run out, and you should feel enough pressure to be able to push. In fact, most hospitals now use patient-controlled epidural anesthesia, which keeps the baseline epidural low but allows you to press a button for more if you need it.

labour pains

Image: Labour pains

Labour is that thing that every woman who has a baby has to go through. There’s literally no two way about it. All you can do is prepare yourself mentally but it is still never enough, just know that when the time comes the best feeling will be seeing your child, now that’s a real miracle.

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