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Would You Have Sex With Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend? (Take The Poll)

why would have you sex with your best friends boyfriend
Let’s face it, there’s a shortage of men and some women are not loyal at all.

There have been stories where women have gone after their best friend’s boyfriends simply for the sake of it. We live in a time where people don’t necessarily have standards they just go with whatever comes along and their loyalty lies with no one. Would you have sex with your best friend’s boyfriend if you knew that she would never find out? This really depends on your standards and your values to be honest. On the other hand, some see their best friends boyfriends as their brothers, it all really depends on you.

would you sleep with your best friends boyfriend?

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It is something that is seen as taboo but many women have admitted to this act.

Some women claim that they have the same taste as their best friends which leave them in an awkward position whenever it comes to their bestie’s men. At the same time we live in a time where women are sharing men and don’t seem to mind.

But what would you choose? Would you sleep with your bestie’s man?

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