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Here’s Why Missing Breakfast Is Dangerous For Kids

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You should let your kids eat breakfast like kings and queens.

How many of us actually follow this? It’s so difficult at times to maintain a healthy diet because of our hectic lives. In the morning we usually just want to get out of the house as early as we can so that we can avoid traffic. It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but the truth is a lot of us go without it, or opt for quick and unhealthy options that fit into our lifestyles. This is bad for all of us, but in particular for kids, since childhood is a crucial development stage. It’s true, some kids don’t like having their breakfasts and sometimes you may let them eat something unhealthy so they can finish, but this can be dangerous.

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Skipping breakfast has been linked to different health problems like blood pressure and weight-related issues

This is because skipping breakfast makes you a lot more hungrier during the day, meaning your kids will probably end up eating more than they should, leading to health complications like obesity, frequent flus and a diminished ability to concentrate. All this amounts to poor school performance in school.

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Skipping breakfast leads to ‘prolonged fasting’ which has been linked to heart problems.

A study done by Harvard professor and author Leah Cahill concluded that when you skip breakfast, you’re ‘starving’ your body for a longer period, which leads to increases in diastolic and systolic blood pressure, blood concentrations of insulin, triglycerides, free fatty acids and LDL-cholesterol, and decreases in blood concentrations of HDL-cholesterol. Simply put, there are many health complications that would occur if your kids skip breakfast.

Keep in mind that your children should not just have any breakfast but they would need a nutritious filling breakfast.

Most kids love bread but what you spread on that bread is what matters. Blue Band contains some great nutritional benefits for your child, including vitamins, folic acid, and added canola oil – sourced from rapeseed grown in Kenya, and a natural vegetable source of Omega 3 and 6. As your child’s body grows he/she will need healthy fats and important vitamins that deliver important essential fats to the body; essential fats that the body requires for growth and development.

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Now that you know how important breakfast is, let’s remember that 45% of children in Kenya go to school without breakfast. This should be reduced to 0%. Blue Band’s social mission is to feed millions of school children in Africa with nutritious breakfasts so they may have a chance to enjoy better health. Let’s partner with Blue Band: with every purchase of the limited edition 500g pack, Blue Band will donate a nutritious breakfast to a child in need.

Let’s make a difference for our children, such a small change will greatly affect their future.

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