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What Your Baby’s Poop Says About His/Her Health

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Poop bear!

Your baby’s poop can really say a lot about how healthy they are. Especially for first time moms, this can bring about scares about your child’s health. Here are a few pointers on what your baby’s poop says about their health. So don’t worry about it poo’ much.

1. Newborn poop

Your baby’s first poop. This is almost like when they take their first steps. This just means that your baby is healthy at least. .Although it will look a tad bit different though. Its greenish-like in color and is sticky. .kinda resembles oil. Its made up of amniotic fluid, mucus and other things ingested. Don’t worry. .This means that they are super healthy. .It’ll change as they grow older. .Phew!

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2. Breastfeed poop

It’s yellow, green or brown in color. .I guess it varies..Healthy breastfeed poop will smell good. .This poop is seedy in texture too..I guess its cause of all the contents in the milk. So, I hope you’re not worried. The only time you should be is when the poop isn’t yellow, green or brown. .

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3. Formula baby poop

Healthy baby formula poop is usually yellow or brown. Babies who take formula often pass less poop but they are bigger and smell terrrrrible lol. .cute but deadly. .

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4. Partially digested food in poop

Not all the food gets digested though. .I mean, can you see how tiny your baby is? so friggin’ cute too! Some foods travel so fast through the intestines , thus causing chunks of food to appear in your baby’s poop.

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So far hows motherhood taking you? I bet its a roller coaster huh?. But I believe you’re loving every bit of it too. Keep it up you fine thang!

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