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What Is The Limit When Disciplining Your Child?

We can all agree that parenting styles differ and so do punishment models amongst parents.

While we may have grown up knowing that certain mistakes were punishable with near-death spanking , our parents made sure to remind us that they were only beating the ‘tabia mbaya’ from us and this must have somehow contributed to our acceptance of such punishment.

Some parents mete out such harsh punishments leaving their children psychologically damaged.

Before punishing a child, one should take a minute and think of the best punishment that fits the mistake.

It saves you from doing something you cannot take back.

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Instead of physically punishing a child and inflicting harm, you can use more friendly ways like, talking to the child about what they have done and making them understand the consequences of their actions. You can also withdraw things the child likes for a while or have them carry out some chores like cleaning their rooms or cleaning dishes.

On Facebook, Mercy, a mother of two says that even though she was brought up the traditional way where getting a good beating was part and parcel of the package, she does not punish her children the same way.

“There are many other ways of punishing kids. I normally withdraw what my children like the most if they misbehave. Whether it’s a video game or going for a playdate or going to the park. There are rules in my house, there is a system that has to be followed and they both know that if any rule is broken, there are consequences. I believe that this has helped to maintain discipline and organisation. Instead of instilling fear in them, it makes them honest and open with you as a parent because anytime they do something wrong they will always come to you and confess.”

It’s 2018 people! A high time to get friendly with our children and breach that boundary of parenting and friendship in a way that allows you to protect your baby while still maintain a healthy respectable relationship between the two of you.

How do you discipline your children? Habida is baring her body as a strong message of self love and positive body image.





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