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What Exactly Is Female Ejaculation? (Squirting)

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There are two different ways women express pleasure during sex, they either spray it or make things wet.

If you have watched porn then I am sure you have seen those girls who usually squirt and literally just ejaculate like men would but even more. Many women think that the women usually have some special kind of liquid bursting out from their vaginas but that is not the case. For those people who hate urine then you would be sad to know that female ejaculation is usually a combination of urine fluid from the female prostate gland.

A group of scientists from France carried out a research on 7 girls who reported “recurrent and massive fluid emission” when they were sexually stimulated. It’s not uncommon for women to experience a little bit of milky white fluid leaking from their urethra at the point of climax, but the practice of ‘squirting’ enough liquid to fill a drinking glass is relatively rare. As a matter of fact women who squirt are considered a rare gem but then again it really depends who is actually doing the job.

They concluded that the female ejaculation is indeed urine but just a bit different because they found an enzyme called a prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) that was present in small amounts in these volunteers’ ejaculated urine.  That particular enzyme is usually in male’s urine which helps their sperms swim, cool right?

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So when females ejaculate during an orgasm, they either release plain old urine, or urine that’s been diluted by fluids from the female prostate gland.

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