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4 Reasons You’ve Gained Too Much Weight During Your Pregnancy

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Eating for Two means eating a lot.

Your body changes in extreme ways when you are pregnant. Weight gain is usually the most dramatic of these changes. Extreme weight gain happens for a number of reasons,  and there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed,  here are a few reasons.

1. Cravings are Crazy

We’ve all heard about pregnant women craving and eating the strangest things during pregnancy. The advice is usually to indulge in those cravings, besides, nobody wants to get between a pregnant woman and what she’s craving. These cravings can be attributed to your body asking for necessary nutrients. Suddenly craving bacon? Your body might require sodium. Listen, indulge and enjoy.

scary movie eating GIF2.Blood

When you are pregnant, you are doing a lot for two. This includes the pumping of blood. When pregnant you need to pump a lot more oxygen-rich blood for you and baby, this could add up to two extra kilograms.

Pregnancy weight



Those prayers when you were young to grow boobs are answered tenfold when you get pregnant. As your breast tissue expands in preparation for, and with the breast milk for your baby, this adds up to extra pounds. You might see an increase of up to two cup sizes, and that means extra weight.

Pregnancu weight



With the progression of your pregnancy, you will see weight added to your hips and thighs, in addition to other areas. Your body begins the work of readying for your baby, this means extra production and storage of nutrients, fat and proteins.

Pregnancy weight


If ever there is ever a time in your life to be fat, it’s during your pregnancy. Go with it, and don’t stress it’s all in aid of your baby.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Gain Too Much Weight When Pregnant




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