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6 Types Of Broke Kenyan Men We All Know Too Well

kenyan broke guys
They are there and they are many.

Kenyan men are very charming in the beginning. However, due to the demands Kenyan women have we have a lot of broke men who pretend to be living the life. These broke Kenyan men have not come to terms with who they really are so they end up confusing a lot of women out here. They fit into different categories but all in all we can never forget that they are broke.

1. The one who overcompensates with good sex

He knows he doesn’t have money so the only way he can keep a lady is by being good in bed. Women will usually find themselves taking care of such a man just to keep him around.

kenyan broke men

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2. The one who likes pretending he has money 

He likes talking big and when he is out he will order for alcohol but then ends up leaving the bills. He also dresses really well, talks about his two degrees(which don’t exist) but we all know he is a pathological liar that still lives with his mum.

excuses not to make for a man

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3. The one who shows off with his parent’s money 

If you happen to meet this guy, he will keep talking about his parent’s business and how he is the manager. He stays at his parent’s servants quarters and is very proud of the fact that he stays in Karen even if it’s his dad’s compound.

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4. The one living the life on IG 

When you see this guy on IG you think he is super rich. He will post food pics and photos of his car but we all know that he is showing off his friends car and the food pics are probably from his family lunch.

kenyan broke man

Image: Sizzle

5. The one who claims to be a businessman but we never see the fruits

He tells you about how he hates employment and how he can’t work for anyone but then you wonder what he actually does. He never really has money and he is always free simply because he won’t look for a job in the name of owning a business.

alpha female

Image: Comm345’s Blog – WordPress.com

6. The type who is living off his friends

Whenever this guy goes out with his friends he never actually has money. He will drink people’s drinks and will be the first one to offer girls drinks plus food even if he didn’t buy. He is the broke one who manages to go out with KSh 500 like a girl.

make him respect you

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Kenyan broke guys are there in plenty. There’s also a difference between a man who is working hard to become rich and one who is just lazy and lying through life. Please do not entertain a broke man who is not hardworking and lies through his teeth.

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