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Tips And Tricks Of How To Move Into Your Own Digz

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Moving out on your own is always an exciting path in life and it’s a chance for you to learn what it really means to be a responsible individual.

If you get the basics of moving out on your own right then leaving alone will be an enjoyable transition.

I remember the first time I moved out on my own it was both exciting and a nerve-racking experience. I learnt a lot about myself and also how to be better at handling my finances. There are a few things I knew initially before moving out and some I learnt when living on my own. Below I share what you should do before moving, what you should plan for and what you will essentially come to figure out once you move.

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Before moving out you need to have the answers to the following:
  • How much is rent for the area you are planning to move to? While on the subject it is important that you don’t ignore the security aspect of the location as this will be a great determining factor of whether it is a good idea to move there.
  • What are the costs of commuting to and fro, from work or school or both? You should also include where you usually like to socialise within your transport costs.
  • What will be your main monthly bills? once identified then work out an average of how much in total monthly bills will accumulate too. The general bills are usually electricity, water, internet and your chosen TV Satellite provider.
  • If you are moving in with someone or more than one person then take into account how much you will be required to contribute monthly once the rent and bills are split accordingly.
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What you need to plan for before moving:
  • Before you move in you will need the full month’s rent and most likely a deposit of the rent equivalent, so as it turns out its double rent for the first month. If your rent is 20,000 Kshs then you will need to give your Landlord 40,000 Kshs. It is therefore important you are able to have the amount required the first time you move and ensure that through your income you are able to commit to the rent required on a monthly basis. Also, beware the deposit is usually refundable in full as long as when you move out they are no damage costs incurred for that will be deducted from the deposit.
  • There are usually moving companies you can hire to help you move. However the cheaper option is either to borrow a pickup or a van from someone who would be willing to lend it to you or you can speak with friends to help you move and in return, you fuel their car.
  • If you’re in need of furniture, check out Pinterest for great furniture hacks, try getting something made from places like Eastleigh or ask for a recommendation of a carpenter from a friend. You can also get great second-hand deals at expat groups in Facebook of people relocating back to their home countries and are therefore in a hurry to sell things off quickly and so bargaining will be a lot easier. Gikomba is also a great place for getting your basics like utensils at a throwaway price.
moving house in kenya, moving house in nairobi, moving house advice

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During living on your own you will begin to identify the following:
  • Your constant spending habits
  • How much you spend on food, this includes eating out as well the basic amenities for the house.
  • Your actual total amount of monthly bills

This will help you plan a monthly budget and when you do, learn to stick to it to avoid being in debt. If you begin borrowing you could find yourself in an endless cycle of constantly owing someone money.

It is important to note that you cannot predict life’s surprises like a puncture, your laptop not working or a blocked toilet. To be on the safe side, learn to save what you don’t spend, for you will be glad that you did when unpredictable situations happen.

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