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3 Ways You Can Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Image by Shelly Shell on Unsplash
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Oh, Youth.

Who would have thought that there would come a time where you would be actively trying to get pregnant? Our whole lives are basically spent doing the absolute most to not get knocked up and nothing to boost fertility. But things change, and we are all grown.

If you have been thinking about trying for a baby or have been trying for one without much luck, have a look at these three ways you can boost your fertility au natural

1. Eat Food Rich In Antioxidants

Human beings, I’m sad to say are just naturally toxic. We eat horribly and inhale polluted air the minute we are in town.

The toxicity of our city!

Try and eat foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts which are all rich in folate, vitamins A and C and all the other beneficial antioxidants out there.

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Source: Vegetables New Zealand

2. Get Active

Being a lazy couch potato is not going to get your baby juices flowing hun. You need to be more active, go on long walks, swims, jogs, you know, whatever exercise that gets you moving without it being a chore.

Fun Fact though! Over-exercising actually has a negative effect on fertility. IKR??? This is the perfect reason to exercise for fun because you won’t be out of breath and aching all the time.

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Source: Harmony CDC

3. Relax, Take A Breather

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to women and their childbearing hips or lack of. If you are trying for a baby, chances are that you and your partner are stressing over it and your body will be the one to suffer because it will not cooperate. Trust your body and the process and don’t forget to have fun in bed.

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Source: Dissolve

Getting a baby is the most intense thing that can happen to a woman and there is so much one has to think about and be careful with. All in all, if you are trying for a baby, we wish you the best of luck.

Featured Image by Shelly Shell on Unsplash




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