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This Is Why We Want To Cook In Zari’s Kitchen

zari's kitchen
Other than Zari’s dwindling love life, her fashion, money moves and babies have always been a sight for sore eyes.

But no one prepared us for her awesome kitchen! We all hope to have a nice kitchen to cook in, some people claim that they only feel like cooking when they are in a nice environment. Well, if this kitchen doesn’t motivate you to work harder, how do we help you?

Zari took to her Instagram account to flaunt the expansive beauty she calls a kitchen.

zari's kitchen

Source: Instagram

The colour theme of her kitchen is white and red.

zari's kitchen

Source: Instagram

We wouldn’t mind enjoying a cup of tea in this beautiful  setting.

zari's kitchen

Source:  Instagram

Zari is a fierce business woman who’s popularity has seen her land a successive number of deals for herself and her babies. It also doesn’t hurt to be the girl of one of the most celebrated artiste in East Africa.

However, Zari has been on the receiving end of countless of disappointing news with her boo Diamond in the center of so many women –related scandals.

Luckily, this Ugandan babe is made of strong of mettle as she’s been handling the drama with god-level poise.

What would you have handled differently if you were in Zari’s shoes?
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