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6 Things Girlfriends Should Know About Side Chicks

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Most of them are there to stay.

By the time a woman allows herself to be number two, it means that she has settled for what is not hers. You may have told him that he needs to stop seeing her over and over again but it never stops unless he wants to. Before being so mad at the other woman, girlfriends should know these things about side chicks. The fact that you even know about his side chick just means you have already settled for a lot less than you deserve. Here are the rare facts you probably never think about.

1. It is not her fault it is his fault

You keep blaming her but she is not the one you’re dating. You’re in a relationship with a cheat and I bet you did not sign up for a relationship where you had to keep taming a man. She is attached to him and he is the only one with scissors to cut her off.

what girlfriends need to know about side chicks

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2. She doesn’t mind being the other one

She knows that she is the other woman, she knows about you and guess what? She prefers being the second one because she actually pities the kind of life you live with this man.

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3. She gets lonely and jealous

When he leaves her alone she knows that he is coming back to you and that he spends more time with you than her. She likes this guy enough to always be available even if he keeps lying to her. She is probably frustrated that he hides her and she wishes for more.

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4. She sometimes feels luckier than you

She knows that he is a cheat so she doesn’t envy you in any way. She sees the way he ignores your phone calls and hears the way he talks about you. She is happy being a side chick because at the end of the day she never truly invested too much in him.

girlfriends need to know about side chicks

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5. She may want to take your place

She may think that they have a future together and may actively be trying to be better than you in everything. In her head this is war and she will try to become the main as soon as possible. To her you’re competition so don’t be surprised if your man becomes unhappy all of a sudden.

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6. She knows about you and she hates you

However, she still envies the stability you have. She knows that he loves you and even if she gets a thrill from being the one he constantly chases she craves a normal relationship where she doesn’t have to hide and she is loved at all times.

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There are different types of side chicks but I will tell you that you would rather be alone than share a man. They say all men cheat but you must believe that there are some men who will value you enough to not feel the need for something different. Choose your struggles wisely and I hope that being cheated is not one.

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