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The Cheapest iPhones In Kenya In 2018 #PhoneUpgrade

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The best year to own the cheapest iphones in Kenya is this year!

There are many reasons why people in Kenya love the Apple brand so much. Some of the reasons are the design, the popularity of the brand, the apps, and the security. Like many Apple products, the iPhone hardly gets viruses making it a safe bet. There is also the fact that the iPhone movement is very hard to ignore. People who use iPhones talk about the brand and how much they love their phones making us, Andriod users a little too jealous. Long gone are the days when owning an iPhone meant that you were rich! There are many cheap iPhones in Kenya these days.

Here are the cheapest iPhones in Kenya.
Apple iPhone 6 – 64GB – 1GB RAM – 8MP – Single SIM – 4G LTE – Gold

Price: KSh 29,299.

Cheapest Iphones Kenya

Apple iPhone 5s – 16GB – 1GB RAM – Single SIM – 8MP – Space Grey

Price: Ksh 18 999.

Cheapest Iphones Kenya

Would you invest in an iPhone or stick top an android phone? Here are the cheapest smartphones you can buy for less than Kh 10,000.




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