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Tasty Snacks To Make With Your Kids At Home

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Bonding over food is so much fun

The holidays are a perfect time to bond and reconnect with your kids, right? Parents and children can do activities that involve doing things together such as cooking. Well, we have fun recipe snacks that you and your child will enjoy making and eating over the weekend. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Here Are 3 Snack The Both Of You Will Love To Make Together:
1. Hot Dogs.

Who doesn’t a good old fashioned hot dog? All you will need is
: a hot dog bun
: frankfurter (boiled)
: mustard
: ketchup
: caramelized onions
: blue band


  1. split the bun
  2. Spread a generous amount of BlueBand onto the insides of the buns.
  3. Add the frankfurter, then go on to apply the mustard & ketchup.
  4. Top with the optional onions and you are good to go!
2. Popcorn.

Popcorn is an all-time favourite and about half the reason some of us go to the movies. You can turn that around completely and save your budget and keep your child’s adoration with this simple recipe turns it’s boring ‘at home’ alternative into your kid’s new favourite activity! (Both the prep and the movie!)

You will need:
: popcorn seeds
: salt
: blue band

How to:

  1. Ensure the sufuria is hot and add the Blueband with salt.
  2. Then add a handful of the popcorn seeds into the hot melted blue band.
  3. Cover securely and let the seeds pop. Feel free to shake the sufuria gently (firmly holding the lid!) to ensure every last kernel is popped!
  4. When the popping dies down. Pour the contents into a bowl (watch your little one’s hands!) and try to start the movie before the popcorn is out!

3. Sweet Corn Treat.

Green maize was one of those natural things we enjoyed as kids but nowadays there’s a sweeter alternative. And kids love sweet corn right? Here’s how the both of you can spice it up

: Sweet corn
: Blue band

To Prepare:

  1. Break the corn into portions easy enough for your little one to handle.
  2. Boil the sweet corn in a pot of water. Keep the lid on to make sure even the portion of the cobs peaking at the surface will get cooked with the steam.
  3. Once they’re done they may be too hot to handle, but ideally you ought to spread some blue band to the cob while it’s still hot so it can melt in. For the pop of flavour and colour, especially if you have guests, throw in some parsley. This yummy snack is ready for your tummies!

Remember, to share any extra’s you have with someone in need. It’s an easy way to teach your child to appreciate what they have and understand how to be kind, and even experience the fulfilment we get when we are able to help others. Speaking of which, did you know that when you buy the 500g limited edition pack of Blueband, they will donate a good breakfast to a child in need? Enjoy the holidays!

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