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7 Surprising Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Get Pregnant

Just actual sex is not the only way you can get pregnant.

Of course getting pregnant would involve fondling and some form of sexual intercourse but no one really thinks about the how part. You may be trying to be safe with a guy by letting him play around your entrance and simply fooling around. But please educate yourself and learn these surprising ways you didn’t know you could get pregnant to avoid wondering where the hell a baby came from.

1. During anal sex

If you’re someone who enjoys anal sex for whatever reason then be prepared for anything if you don’t use condoms. This is because the vagina and the rectum are pretty close and as he penetrates he may end up dropping a few of his boys could at the opening of your entrance. Before you know it you could be pregnant.

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2. Using your teeth to open a condom.

Ladies, whoever is opening the condom needs to be calm. When you use your teeth to open a condom you may end up puncturing it leaving room for the sperms to get through. You’re better off using your fingers to open it and avoid getting pregnant.

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3. Dry humping with your underwear on.

You may be feeling up on each other and end up in a nursery 9 months later. If the man’s semen leaks through the opening of his boxers or the woman’s underwear gets pushed to the side it allows an opening for the sperm to reach the vagina.

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4. You can get pregnant twice.

By a process called superfetation which is the occurrence of a second conception during pregnancy, giving rise to embryos of different ages in the uterus.

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5. Fooling around in the tub without having sex.

This is if he has seminal fluid in the bathtub and it ends up around your vulva. Even if the guy doesn’t get inside, his boys may end up getting inside you if you get close enough.

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6. You can get pregnant while on the pill.

How stressful is this? You can’t really win as long as you’re around boys and their fluids. This is because every contraceptive has a failure rate and as long as you never use condoms then just know you can still have a bun in the oven.

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7. Having sex when you’re on your period.

You may think that you can’t get pregnant while on your periods but it could be the exact opposite. Sperms can live inside you up to five days which means if you have sex when your periods are ending and you ovulate, you can get pregnant.

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Whenever you’re having any form of sexual association I think it’s best to be safe. The above reasons are rare but not impossible always use protection and get on a family planning that works for your body after you discuss with your doctor.

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