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3 Types Of Supportive People You Will Need As A New Mum

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Find and Use your People

Becoming a mother is life changing, daunting and a scary undertaking. But you don’t and shouldn’t do it on your own. Find a support system that works for you.

1. Cucu knows best

This sounds obvious but we sometimes forget. Remember all those times your Mum nagged you about having kids? Get her to channel that energy on your baby! Your mum can be an excellent resource, especially in the early days when you are still figuring things out. Don’t be afraid to call on her. Get her to move in for a few weeks even (don’t listen to your baby’s dads objections on this, he’s as clueless as you).  Your mum has been through it all and can show you the ropes. Your “mum” can be any mother figure in your life

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Do something chill with your friends. Coping with a new baby is crazy and you can often lose yourself. Don’t be afraid to have friends over or leave the baby with dad and go out and laugh with your girls. If you have no one to take care of the baby, take them with you, your girls can change a few diapers.

3. Make Mum Friends

As much as your old friends are wonderful if they don’t have kids they might just not get it.  Making friends with other moms will give you perspective, advice and allow you to vent to people who understand. Look for Mummy groups in your area and try taking part. Reach out to friends or family members who are moms too, they know, they remember, they will give you sanity when you think you’re going crazy.

Image result for black moms friends4. Be Gentle With Yourself

You and your body have just been through a trauma, give yourself time, and know whatever you are feeling as a new Mum is ok. It’s not always baby smiles and happiness. You are dealing with your new body, a new person you are solely responsible for, and coming to grips with the change in your life as a mother. Give yourself a break. You grew and brewed a human, that’s a lot! Be gentle with yourself and realize you are adjusting to a new life (yours and theirs). It takes time to learn new things, even motherhood. Breathe, no one knows what they’re doing at the start, you’ll get there. You are enough.

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