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#SingleMumChronicles: Why Your Emotional Health Should Come First

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Emotional health for single mums. A single mother’s family builds its psychological health on her emotional well-being, yet these moms are often so busy attending to their kids’ needs that they overlook their own emotional needs.

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Here are five steps toward emotional health, for single moms:

1. Pay attention to emotional pain: If you feel yourself hurting for more than a few days, take notice and resolve to treat your psychological wound. Don’t numb or ignore your pain!

2. Stop emotional bleeding: Identify negative cycles—when failure leads to lack of confidence and then to helplessness, for example—and work to address them.

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3. Protect self-esteem: Monitor your self-esteem, boost it when it’s low, and avoid negative self-talk.

4. Battle negative thinking: Learn to avoid the habit of ruminating on negative events.

5. Become informed about the impact of psychological wounds: Seek information and support that is relevant to your experience.

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All five recommendations are important, but the way in which you approach each step will be unique to your situation and personality. When you design an emotional toolkit for yourself, the goal of well-being is well within your reach.

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