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7 Signs He Is Thinking Of Making You His Wife

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If a man takes you seriously there are things he will do to make sure you will be his wife someday.

No one wants to be in a relationship for a long time and not end up together. When a man wants to commit there are things he will do that will spell out marriage. This means you don’t have to keep struggling to chase a man just so he can marry you. If he is thinking of making you his wife he will invest in you emotionally and in all ways. You will be a big part of his life and a major priority. These signs prove that he can make you his wife.

1. You have met his family and friends

His friends and family are probably the most important people in his life. If he allows you to meet his parents especially, it means that he is proud of you and that you can meet his family. Remember he can’t just take anyone to the people who would judge him harshly.

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2. He actually wants to hang out with you

Whether you are on your periods or not he can still hang out with you. He actually makes time for you and it is very rare that he will fall out of the plans the two of you have made.

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3. He actually tries to create solutions to your problems

He actually tries to find solutions to the problems the two of you face. He will listen to your needs and despite the fact that he has a big ego, he can put that aside so that the two of you can have peace again.

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4. You talk about your future with ease

He doesn’t mind you saying “we” or talking about the kids both of you will have in future. You have found yourselves talking about marriage and it actually excites the both of you instead of scaring you.

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5. He actually cares about your goals and ambitions

He is not just with you for your pretty face or hot body, he actually wants you to prosper. If you tell him about your goals and ambitions he listens keenly and takes the time to give you useful advice. He also doesn’t mind spending money on you because he cares about you.

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6. You don’t struggle to be around each other

You have a friendship that allows the both of you to be as genuine as possible. You can say silly things to each other and you’ve probably seen each other at the worst possible times.

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7. He actually tells you about the things he is interested in

Whether it’s buying a motorbike or a new car he always involves you. He wants you to be involved in his decisions and cares about your input plus emotional well-being.

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These things are not some super extraordinary things. If a man loves you he will always go the extra mile and you should recognize his efforts depending on his capabilities. All in all, a man should respect your emotions and put in the work to make sure you’re happy.

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