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4 Signs He Is Faking He Has Moved On

your ex is not over you
Men are very good at masking their emotions because it works for their egos.

If men could just admit that they miss someone or that they messed up, life would be much easier. Women and men deal with emotions differently, so while you were crying for two weeks, he was probably banging all the girls around him. There is a huge probability that he is faking he moved on but he makes you feel like he is over you while that’s not the reality.

1. He still maintains contact

He will act like you’re only friends but he will still want to act like the two of you have not broken up. He will insist that he still wants to talk to you for the sake of what you had but nothing more.

ex boyfriend has not moved on

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2. He keeps reminding of you of the good old days 

He will even send you pictures of when the two of you were on a vacation simply because he wants to remind you of how good the two of you were together. Those trips down memory lane are too much.

your ex is faking to move on

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3. You only broke up recently 

Obviously if you broke up recently he can’t be over you unless he had someone else on the side. The reality is whatever the two of you had at some point was special so it only makes sense if he is holding on.

signs your ex has fake moved on

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4. He hasn’t deleted photos of you on his social media 

Some people say you shouldn’t read too much into this, but then again you should. When you are done with someone and they move on they actually remove the photos of you two because they want to make it clear that they have room for someone else.


signs your ex has fake moved on

At the end of the day getting over a relationship is not easy for anyone. If he is trying to act like he is over you and you want him back, this is the best time to lead him on so that he chases you again. Don’t allow him back into your life if he hasn’t changed what he was meant to in the first place.

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