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#VJMonologues: These 5 Things Can Cause Vaginal Dryness!

vaginal dryness
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Dry spells down there!

Vaginal dryness affects many women. When you’re used to having a certain degree of natural lubrication for your lady parts, experiencing a sudden dry spell down below can be unsettling. You may ask yourself, is it normal to have a dry vagina? The simple answer is that vaginal dryness is more common than you might think.

vaginal dryness

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1. Menstruation

It’s normal for a woman’s hormone levels to dip while she’s on her period. One of the primary hormones responsible for keeping your vagina moist during menstruation is estrogen. When your estrogen levels are depleted, vaginal dryness can be an irritating side effect, especially when it comes to inserting a tampon.

2. Smoking and drinking

Sorry party girls, if you want to keep your vajayjay moist and healthy, snuff the butts and chill out on the booze. According to Dr Laura Berman, PhD in her article at Everyday Health, “Cigarettes can decrease circulation, which could intensify vaginal dryness. Alcohol can decrease your sensations and lead to a dry vagina, so limit yourself to only one or two glasses of wine, especially if you plan on having sex later.”

vaginal dryness

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3. Emotional stress

Any number of outside stressors in a woman’s life can spill over into the bedroom and lead to a dry vagina. While the oxytocin released by the brain during orgasm can be a healthy form of stress release itself. It may take some serious relaxation techniques to get in the mood for sexual activity if that’s even the goal.

4. Lack of arousal 

A woman’s body is designed to produce a slippery natural lubrication when she is sexually aroused in order to facilitate painless sex. Let your man know what turns you on girl!

5. Medication 

Ever wondered why you suddenly had a dry mouth, then remembered that you’ve recently started taking a new medication? Meds can lead to vaginal dryness, decrease your sexual desire, and make it harder to achieve an orgasm. These are just one of a long list of pills whose side effects include loss of bodily moisture.

vaginal dryness

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If you plan to visit your doctor to discuss vaginal dryness, think about the affecting factors above and whether they are relevant to you in order for your doctor to best be able to help treat your vaginal dryness.

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