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Here’s Why I Pee And Wash My Vag After Lungula

Feminine hygiene!

Why do I religiously pee and wash my vag after sex? Surprisingly, I never used to, I lived my post-sex experience like they did in the movies, cuddling up, gazing out the window into the dead of night as we dozed off. Then wake in the morning to a feminine disaster.

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Here’s what happened:
1. Sperm leakage

Yes! you got that right if this hasn’t happened to you, best save yourself from this disaster. As soon as you stand-up or after a few minutes, the law of gravity takes full effect. Peeing after sex helps release more, you might not even notice the sperm.

2. Smell

Imagine you just had mindblowing sex on end, all that pubic sweat combined with the semen exchange is sure to spark an odour as you go about your day. Washing around your vaginal area is sure to eliminate the smell as you go about your day or the least feel fresh all through the night.

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3. Irritation

Mostly when you use condoms, the lubricant can cause irritations like an itch or rash, washing straight after can reduce the risk of it escalating.

4. Fungal infections

This used to happen a lot and it took a while to put two and two together. Moist areas are a breeding ground for bacteria. Now imagine not washing up after sex can do to you? Your panties are moist, you’re leaking and it’s definitely still hot down there.

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It’s pretty much obvious that you need to practice personal hygiene after sex, just be sure not make it too obvious and have him questioning your sanity. He’ll appreciate a clean vagina for the second round and go down on you as a bonus.

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