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#DirtyThirty – Spice Up Your Boring Sex Routine With Some Rough Sex

Rough and spicy!

Rough sex is hot. Really hot. The loss of control. The freeing of inhibitions. And let’s not forget about the passion…Today I’m going to show you some really exciting rough sex ideas to try out with your man.

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1. Get dominant 

Probably the most obvious rough sex idea is for either you or your man to get really dominant over the other. For many guys, they find it easy to dominate their partner in the bedroom. But what if you want to aggressive dominate your man?

2. Leave a mark

Scratching and biting isn’t something you’d normally do to someone you care about. But, when you’re having rough sex, there’s no better way to show your partner how turned on you are than by digging your nails into their back and holding them tightly.

rough sex

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3. Build sexual tension

What you do to his brain is just as important as what you do to his body. Building sexual tension is powerfully effective because it’s that feeling that some describe as a build up in pressure or an increase in the potential of what could happen.

4. Letting go

One really vital aspect to having great rough sex is the ability to ‘let go’ and just enjoy it. I really only have 2 pieces of advice here.

i. Make sure you are with someone who makes you feel comfortable with letting go and just enjoying yourself.

ii. Have a glass (or two) of wine. Don’t get wasted. Just have enough to drink so that you feel less inhibited.

rough sex

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Rough sex is addictive. But if you have it every single day, then you’ll quickly get bored and it won’t be as enjoyable as it was at first. So even if it’s your favourite type of sex right now, please try to vary how often you have it.

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