5 Facts About Fertility You Should Learn In Your Twenties

5 Facts About Fertility You Should Be Aware Of In Your Twenties

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How well are you aware of your fertility and all topics that surround it?

If not well enough, you’re not alone on this one. There are a lot of women who have little knowledge about their reproductive system and how it works. We all (or at least most of us) want to be mums in the future and this depends on both you and your S/O’s fertility. As much as it’s important to know more about a man’s fertility, let’s focus on all you should know about yours especially in your twenties.

1. The older you become the less fertile you get

This is true, but there’s no cause for alarm. This becomes more prominent in your late thirties so you have plenty of time enjoying being baby-free. “There certainly is a reduction in female fertility in age,”  “But it’s certainly not a cliff. It’s a gradual decline that steepens as you get towards your late thirties.” says Tim Child, a consultant gynaecologist, and professor at the University of Oxford.

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2. Contraceptives won’t make you infertile

A lot of people have heard this one and some even believe it. They do switch up your hormones and in turn getting pregnant will take a while longer before your contraceptive is completely out of your system.

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3. It’s normal to have failed pregnancy attempts

Trying and failing to get pregnant for a couple of months is no reason to be worried. Unless you have been trying for over ten months. If you’re worried about anything, go and see your gynae to find out if there may be any issues.

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4. Men’s fertility does decrease with age too

Yeah, we say that men are lucky because their biological clocks are ‘timeless’ but their sperm is affected. The older they get the more chances that they have the wrong number of chromosomes, but this happens about 10 years later than women and also they never run out of sperm. I guess they are still lucky.

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5. Having sex when you’re ovulating

You may have heard that this is the best time to try and get pregnant but it may not be the case. You are fertile for about 6 days, 5 days leading up to ovulation, and the 6th being the day of ovulation. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you should have sex in the period of which you are fertile because sperm can live up to three days after sex.

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