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Sauti Sol’s Chimano Is Causing A Stir All The Way From Uganda; Here’s Why

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Controversial Makerere University lecturer Stella Nyanzi is feeling some typa way about Austin Chimano of Sauti Sol.

A lot of us females (and some men too) love that deep voice of his and so does the lecturer! So much that she took to her social media to appreciate God’s gift to us in the name of Chimano.

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“Willis Austin Chimano’s voice is still my most favorite contemporary discovery! He is the little short guy among the wonderfully talented members of Sauti Sol. I still catch myself endlessly replaying his sections of the Sauti Sol productions. My children and I even imitate him whenever we watch music videos in which he features. Mmm, that voice is fine. And pure. And magical. And captivating. And, oh my God! Woke up with an urgent need to honour Chimano’s voice. It does wonderfully powerful things.”

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Nyanzi, who has openly attacked President Yoweri Museveni, is well known for her controversy in Uganda, and even went as far as stripping down to her birthday suit in front of the media. She’s definitely a YOLO kind of woman.

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