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5 Reasons You May Miss Your Periods Apart From Pregnancy

reasons you may miss your periods apart from pregnancy
Ever had a pregnancy scare that doesn’t make sense?

I mean you have been safe, probably haven’t even had sex and now you’re wondering what happened. The good news is, you may miss your periods for other reasons apart from a pregnancy. Of course this doesn’t mean you may not be pregnant but if you have been doing things right these are the only reasons that would make sense in your life.

1. Working out too much 

If you work out too much it means you’re pushing your body beyond what you should. Eventually you’re at a risk of missing menstruation one or more missed menstrual periods. Women who have missed at least three menstrual periods in a row have amenorrhea.

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2. Weight change 

If you drastically add on weight or undergo a serious weight loss you are at the risk of missing your periods. Your weight can affect a gland in your brain which is responsible for regulating some of the processes your body usually has, including your menstrual cycle.

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3. Stress 

If you’re really stressed you can get something called hypothalamic amenorrhea which is when an area of your brain where hormones for your period are regulated starts to not perform properly.

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4. Change of environment 

Ever been told that when you’re around new women or a new environment your periods just seem to change. These changes affect your hormones which then becomes hard to regulate.

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5. Contraceptive 

Of course medications such as contraceptives will affect your cycle. You may also be off the contraceptive plan which may confuse your body until it gets back to it’s normal cycle.

reasons you may miss periods apart from pregnancy

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All in all you should go to a hospital if your periods haven’t been around for some time. On the other hand, rule out a pregnancy by taking a test if your periods are really late.

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