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5 Reasons Women Will Stay With Their Cheating Partners

It is a fact, women tolerate a lot.

We have good men out here but we also have a lot of men failing women. At the same time women choose to stay with their cheating partners and most of the time everyone is left wondering why she even stayed. The reality is, many women are putting up with their low life men for all the wrong reasons but sometimes it’s simply hard to leave. When someone stays with a cheating partner and they know about it, they have intentionally decided to put up with it and here are the possible reasons why.

1. Because of the money and kids 

Most women who have kids will tell you that they stayed with their partners simply because it made more sense. It made more sense financially especially and even if people tell her to leave they are not the ones who will be helping her pay the bills.

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2. She doesn’t think she can get better 

She think that she deserves the cheating scumbag simply because she has no self worth. She also fears being alone which means she would rather stay with him than alone. He has probably made her feel worthless and she is stuck trying to feel better about herself, with time she may actually burst out and realize that there are men who will love and cherish her.

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3. She genuinely loves him and is too invested 

She is too in love and unfortunately she will not leave until she has used up all her energy. Usually she feels like she can change him but he ends up taking her for granted instead. Her constant love for him drains her but she will not leave sometimes until her last breath.

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4. She also cheats so she doesn’t care 

She cheats on the guy she is with hence why she doesn’t care. She may victimize herself sometimes but we all know she has cheated a couple of times. She probably started cheating after he hurt her and now they are in a weird dysfunctional relationship and the only person she is hurting the most is herself.

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5. She believes all men cheat

You cannot change her mind about men because according to her all men cheat. She is mostly there for companionship and nothing more, she is in a relationship for the sake of having someone to talk to but she is never fully invested so even if he cheats it doesn’t shock her.

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A woman who stays with a cheating partner is usually rooted in her own belief. It is usually a belief that only she can get out of after she finally decides that it’s too much. Don’t keep pressuring such a woman because she will mostly go back and it will only frustrate your efforts. Pray that she gets out and keep psyching her to do better, eventually she either will or she will stay in misery forever.