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6 Reasons Why Girls Who Drink Whiskey Make The Best Girlfriends

girls who drink whiskey are better
Some men say that they can’t date a girl who drinks whiskey and we understand why.

They stand out, their personalities are vibrant,strong and confident. The girls who drink whiskey make the best girlfriends because they have a strong presence that makes sense. They intimidate most men because they can drink sour drinks with class and etiquette. They are alpha’s in their own rights hence why these reasons will make a lot of sense.

1. She can obviously handle her liquor 

I mean she is drinking whiskey so that says a lot about her. Who wants someone who will drink a bit of wine and fall all over the place? The whiskey lady handles her booze gracefully, she drinks it on the rocks or chases it with some soda but she will still stand strong without being ratchet.

women who drink whiskey are the best

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2. She is confident 

Whiskey is said to be a manly drink but whiskey girl drinks in confidently without caring too much. She knows herself because she has reached a point where she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, she is there to have fun and trust me she will also entertain you.

why you should date a whiskey girl

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3. She appreciates the finer things in life 

I mean she drinks good quality whiskey, somehow whiskey girls are not ratchet. They don’t drink just to get drunk, they appreciate their whiskey’s and can accommodate strong men.

girls who drink whiskey are the best girlfriends

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4. She is probably an alpha female

They attract alpha males for a reason, the same men who like drinking whiskey. She works hard, knows herself and won’t bother a man for small things like airtime and clothes.

why dating girls who drink whiskey girls are the best

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5. She is mature 

She can hold a good conversation and she doesn’t like bull crap. She won’t keep nagging you for petty reasons, that’s just how she is.

why you should date a whiskey girl

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6. She takes her time in bed 

In bed she is a bit bossy but she takes her time for foreplay and doesn’t rush anything. Unlike vodka girls who are wild, she knows how to make love which makes her unforgettable.

women who drink whiskey

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Men who can’t deal with women who drink whiskey are weak. A woman who drinks whiskey is bold, strong and cannot be walked all over. Many men don’t know how to handle her or what to do with such a strong soul but she will hold a family down quite effectively.

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