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Postpartum Anxiety: The Other Baby Blues No One Ever Talks About

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Postpartum what?

It’s not the baby blues and it’s not postpartum depression so, what is it? If you’re feeling off after giving birth, you may be suffering from postpartum anxiety disorder.

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What is postpartum anxiety?

Life with a newborn can be stressful, and nearly all new moms experience some level of anxiety. But postpartum anxiety makes women feel constantly on edge, to the point where it’s all-consuming. “It interferes with your life and ability to function normally,” says Michael Silverman.

stressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, unhappy

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What are the symptoms?
1. Obsessively worrying baby will get sick 

Moms with postpartum anxiety have racing thoughts and constantly fret that their child might come down with an illness or not get enough food or sleep, and repeatedly seek reassurance from others.

2. Nagging fear you’ll hurt your child

Constantly worrying that something bad will happen to the baby while you’re not paying attention and checking on her/him constantly.

3. Inability to focus and sit still

Moms with postpartum anxiety are often irritable, agitated and have a hard time relaxing or focusing their thoughts.

4. Trouble sleeping and eating

You worry about your baby are keeping you up at night or affecting your appetite.

5. Dizziness, hot flashes and nausea

Sometimes postpartum anxiety can manifest physically. Other possible symptoms include increased heart rate, sore stomach, tight chest and throat and shallow breathing.

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How do you treat postpartum anxiety?

1. Talking to a trusted friend or family member

2. See a therapist

3. Get prescribed medication

The good news: Postpartum anxiety isn’t permanent, although recovery time can vary. Speaking to someone who understands new moms and what they’re going through often makes them feel so much better.




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