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Meet The Woman Turning Kenyan Ladies Into Expert Pole Dancers

pole dancing kenya
Pole dancing is slowly becoming popular in Nairobi. Meet Marjolein Blokland, the woman who is making it happen.

You probably know her from the first season on Nairobi Diaries but Marjolein is a personal fitness and Muay Thai trainer and a self-taught pole dancing instructor at The Colosseum Fitness Center.

Why are fitness trainers always so sexy??!!

pole dancing kenya


Most often than not, pole dancing is associated with stripping and erotica gigs and when Marilyn started out, she had her fair share of critics.

She says,

“When I started out, I posted on social media telling guys what I was doing and asking anyone interested to sign up for classes. And wow you wouldn’t believe the response I received. I got a text message from someone asking me if I am in any financial need, this is not the right move to take… And it was not like I was in a thong and tweaking on the pole. No I was in my gym clothes. But I took all these reactions and understood that to some people this might seem too forward.”

Well, that wasn’t about to stop her. The self-taught instructor already has a good number of women who’ve signed up for classes.

“But slowly I started getting ladies doing enquiries. Sometimes I got only one lady showing up for a class and that is when I decided to push through.”

One of them is the sexy Karen Kaz Lucas.

pole dancing kenya

Source: Instagram

The gorgeous Blokland (who’s also got major hair goals) says that it started out as a joke that turned out to be a really good business idea.

“Well it first started as a joke, I was sitting at the reception of the gym and my boss was like, you should start doing pole dancing fitness. And I was like, yeah right. But two weeks later he comes back and asks me again and then I realized that he was serious. So I went and put up some poles in a room at the gym and I started teaching myself, with the help of YouTube of course.”

According to Mind Body Green, pole dancing as a fitness regime offers a full body workout. Most pole dancers regardless of their age are in the best shape of their lives. Pole dancing has also been associated with emotional healing and a great way to boost self-esteem.

That’s because pulling a stunt like this is very difficult and achieving it always makes you feel like a boss.

pole dancing kenya


And no, it’s not because you look sexy doing it half naked.  In fact, the only reason why it’s best done with loads of skin exposed is so that you can easily grip the pole with your body to avoid sliding off and injuring yourself.

This has certainly shed light on this underestimated style of working out, it’s time we embrace it.

Would you try out pole dancing? The #blackmensmiling hashtag is the hottest thing on Twitter right now.