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5 Obvious Signs Your Workmate Is Sleeping With The Boss

signs she is sleeping with her boss
She wouldn’t tell you but this article will.

We would like to think that the workplace is an ever happy place where people keep things official but that is not the case. When your workmate is sleeping with the boss you never really think much about it until she acts weird. An office is like a small society whereby people set themselves apart depending on their likes and dislikes. I mean, this is the place you spend most of your time in and so it’s understandable if you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

1. She stays in the office till late 

It is good to be hard working but at the same time it is suspicious if one worker and the boss are always left behind. On top of it she likes wearing really short dresses and looking extra nice whenever the boss is around because she needs to keep him glued to her.

signs she sleeps with the boss

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2. The boss somehow favours her 

You can tell there’s an unsaid rule between the two of them. She get’s to go for nice trips, she is easily promoted and suddenly she got a salary increment while you have been trying to get one for years now.

signs she is sleeping with the boss

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3. They avoid eye contact 

They act funny around one another and you can feel the vibe between the two of them. They will mostly avoid eye contact and keep glancing at each other every now and then.

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4. She always defends the boss 

She will always defend the boss even when he is obviously wrong. This is because she is his pet and she doesn’t like when people speak about her boss bae.

signs she is sleeping with the boss

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5. She is too confident she can’t get fired

She always warns you that you could get fired and she always seems to know about the companies plans but you don’t know anything. The boss gives her some sort of loyalty that you don’t understand.

signs she is sleeping with the boss

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Maybe it’s genuine love and who are we to stand in the way of love? But when an employee is sleeping with a married boss or a man who is in a relationship just remember karma is not pretty. Sleeping with your boss could bring a lot of complications that you wouldn’t fancy.

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