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Natural Remedies For Fatigue

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Fatigue can mask itself as many symptoms, especially around the end of the year burn out. Chronic tiredness or sleepiness, moodiness and impaired decision making are all signs of mental and physical exhaustion. There are several natural remedies used to help gain strength and energy back; Good sleep, balanced diet and consistent exercise routine are at the core of a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle ensures that your body is functioning at optimum and has added health benefits too. However here are some natural remedies to start you off;


It may come as no surprise that water is a natural remedy for fatigue. Often dehydration goes unnoticed in our daily life. Drinking 3 litres or more of water a day can be the trick needed to boost your energy levels.

Go nuts

Eat some almonds and peanuts as a snack! These nutritional snacks are fully packed with magnesium and folic acid which are essential for energy and cell production.

Some exercise

Studies show that exercise such as yoga has added benefits to combat fatigue. The deep breathing exercises and positions are an excellent fatigue fighter.


It is believed that a whiff of cinnamon can reduce your fatigue levels immediately. Grab a whiff to get you aligned, or indulge in anything cinnamon based to get your energy back!




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