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‘My Husband Is Addicted To Facebook’: One Woman’s Outlandish Story

stressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, unhappy
Facebook is stronger than cocaine.

This is the slightly strange tale of one Nairobi woman who lost it all; but not to some random clande in South C, but to the modern problems of the internet.

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The problem

Rose Kariuki: “I’ve been married to this guy since 2008, when we were both 22, so I know that I wasn’t being extra about this. He had a steady decline, and so did our relationship. As in, we had like no problems when Facebook wasn’t as popular. The bigger a part of his life it became, the worse our love life got. He started staying at jobo late almost three or four times a week, to be honest I thought he had a clande. So I did something embarrassing; when he was asleep, I went through his Facebook profile. I saw that in those hours he said he was busy at work, that I thought he was cheating in, he was just sitting at his desk scrolling down through the feed! I found hundreds, eish thousands of likes and comments. It honestly scared me, like something from a horror movie.

I let it go, I thought it was my cross to bear. Last year I looked through and found he’d made plans to shift to Mombasa and move in with this chick; who he’d met through Facebook. Its like he lived an entire life through that thing! It literally destroyed our marriage. Our divorce papers just got signed; and yeah, I sent him that document by posting it on his Facebook wall.” 

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This raises strange and unanswered questions, is Facebook truly addictive or is it all just on us? It might be a bit worrying to think that something you’re using every day should come with a warning label like packs of cigarettes.

Such addictions might be more common than you think, as being addicted to Facebook is described as it interfering with your everyday functions in life (and none of you are reading this story from a link on the FB, now are you).

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