#SingleMumChronicles: This Testimonial On Single Parenting Will Inspire You! – ZUMI

#SingleMumChronicles: This Testimonial On Single Parenting Will Inspire You!

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If she can, you can!

Once you embrace single parenting, everything will naturally fall into place. Here are tips from Mama Tasha, she has been a single mother for 14 years and she hopes to inspire you and lift the weight off your shoulders.

single parenthood

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I found help

 I couldn’t do it alone, so I found other people to fill in the blanks. Neighbours picked up kids from school, church youth groups provided Christian influence and coaches taught athletic skills with that manly touch. Along the way, I discovered that I had to make my needs known and ask for assistance.

I sought mentors

Not only did my children need mentors, I needed them, too. I watched for older women who could listen, pass on godly wisdom and hold me accountable. I also kept my eye open for adults and older children to connect with each of my kids. Before I knew it, I had become a mentor to other single moms and dads new to the journey.

I shook off the guilt

I did all I could do to keep my marriage from breaking apart. Sure, I’d made mistakes, but I could, without remorse, move forward after I’d taken sufficient time to heal. I also worked hard to remember I could only do so much and then let the rest go. I also had to remember that I could never become a dad to my kids, only the best mom I could ever be.

single parenthood

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I forgave

Yes, I’d had awful things done to me, and at one point I could without hesitation relate chapter and verse of all the bad things. But no more. As long as I held onto all that stuff, I kept myself imprisoned by them. One day I sat at a table and named every rotten thing that my husband had ever done to me, and I laid down a slip of paper to represent each infraction. Then I picked each reminder up one by one and prayed to forgive. When I finished the last one, I threw the papers away. That freed me to move on. Throughout the process, I worked also to forgive myself for mistakes I had made.

I spent time with my kids

My children weren’t impressed with my college degrees or my publishing or my name in the community. Instead, their mom was great because she was there for them. She listened and loved and understood. I’ve tried to always keep that in perspective and remember that my children are my most important job on earth.

I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t do everything right 

I have lost my patience, acted unwisely, made poor choices and given wrong guidance. All I could expect from myself was the best I could do. This became an enormous pressure relief.

I nurtured my faith

Knowing that God would be with me all the time brought me comfort when I felt most alone. I have made sure to nurture that relationship in the years since, both through church and through new relationships I have found.

single parenthood

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With God all things are possible if she could do it, so can you. You are not alone and you may not realize it now, but you have so many avenues of help. Walk with what you can from this article and inspire other women, If you have a story to share, kindly comment below.

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