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#SingleMumChronicles: Effective Ways Of Dealing With An Ex When Kids Are Involved

Co-parenting hopes loading!

Dealing with an Ex can be tedious most of the time. So many single moms have an Ex or two in the picture. Dealing with the Ex can sometimes drive you off the wall because there are so many emotional components to this relationship.


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Here are a few things you should be doing:

1. Do keep the lines of communication open

If you can’t stand talking to your Ex, email. Get as much down in writing as you can, and stick to it. Doing so will limit your need to chat. You have to make sure the Ex knows what is going on with the child, and what his/her schedule is. It’s a pain, but it is part of responsible co-parenting.

2. Do present a united front

I know you only have so much control over this, but exercise the control you have. You need to appear on the same page. If not, the child will feel conflicted and will play you against each other at worst.

3. Do discuss controversial issues

Even if you don’t agree, knowing where your Ex stands on the issues is important. This will help you to best address these topics with your children.


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4. Do stick with agreements

Follow through on visitation schedules and any other agreements you and your Ex make. You need to show your kids you are a responsible person who keeps her word.

5. Do be cordial when swapping the kids

If you want to vomit at the mere sight of your Ex, that’s ok. Just make sure your kids don’t know it. Kids don’t need that kind of pressure or stress. Keep things brief, but keep them polite.

6. Do remember that it takes time to learn how to co-parent outside a romantic relationship

You and your Ex now have to learn how to parent together. This is not easy, and you probably don’t trust one another at all.


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A break up does not lead the other person to fix everything that was annoying…that is for sure! This makes having a positive relationship with someone you have divorced or otherwise separated from, very hard indeed! You got this supermum!

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