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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Edges While Breastfeeding

How to keep your hair edges when breastfeeding
A lot of women grow thick and lustrous hair during pregnancy only for it to start falling off while breastfeeding.

It’s an actual thing.
Luckily, it’s a temporary hustle and your hair will grow back by the time your baby turns one.


Okay fine, that doesn’t make losing it any less frustrating. But we’ve got you! Following these few rules will definitely help you maintain your mane.

1. Be careful with your shampoo.

Opt for a thickening shampoo for volume instead of a conditioning shampoo. This is because most conditioning shampoo products have much more chemicals that weigh down your hair for the look without actually adding to its volume.

A good shampoo will clean and nourish your hair at the same time.
How to keep your hair edges when breastfeeding

Source: Mane Objective

2. You conditioner too.

Since your hair is at its most delicate, the lighter the products the better. Use conditioners designed for thin hair as they are made up of lighter ingredients that will be gentle and effective.

3. Go for protective hairstyles.

It’s a busy period for a new mum and pulling your hair back in a ponytail may look like the best idea since sliced bread. It isn’t.
Instead, go for a protective hairstyle that allows you to let your hair breath instead constantly tagging which weakens it.

Braid your hair in a few stylish lines and let it be.
How to keep your hair edges when breastfeeding

Source: Hairstyle Hub

4. A healthy body equals healthy hair.

Eat healthily, work out, avoid stress and don’t forget your vitamins. Ensuring that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs will not only keep you energetic and ready to be supermom. It will also help you maintain really great skin and hair.

5. Treat your hair like an expensive Peruvian weave.

You know the basics: Use a wide tooth comb, avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet and stay away from heat. If possible, also avoid treating, relaxing, retouching or colouring your hair during this period.



We believe that keeping your edges during the breastfeeding period is very possible. However, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you are losing a bit too much at a time.

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