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Sharon’s Story! Find A Man Who Can Handle You #SingleMumChronicles

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He should be your superman!

Single mums, the journey continues! As life is happening, we need to understand a few things to save our hearts from unnecessary turmoil. As you embark on your journey, here are a few things you can learn from Sharon’s story.

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I had been in the dating game for a while, I just had to invest time in that department. Dating was tedious but I choose to look at it in this sense. I was out there learning about myself, understanding characters and ruthlessly implementing self-love. Through all that I settled with Ian, he loved and adored my son and we got married after two years of dating. Mind you, this is my first and last marriage.

How did he do it?
1. He was very patient

We mums have a lot of weight to carry over our shoulders and that in turn affects our mood and reasoning. Each time I had such relapses, he gave me the space I needed but never left my sight. You know when you want someone to be present but you don’t want them to talk to you? Yes, that presence!

2. He never gave up

I tried pushing him away many times, in the fear of getting hurt again. I even went M.I.A, a few times, looking back now, I realise that I was very cold towards him, but he never left!

single mums

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3. He loves my son

They are best friends, he introduces my son as his own, his not ashamed of having me as his wife. When I need “me time” he makes it possible and encourages me to take extra time off.

4. He handles me!

Yes, I’m talking about sex, he knows and understands my body so well. I see and feel the effort he makes, the foreplay, romance and surprises. He does it all.

single mums

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So ladies! Find yourself a man who can handle you and all your drama. LOL!!! I know you can relate. Life becomes more pleasant when you have someone in your life who understands you.

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