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3 Effective Ways To Stop Breastfeeding And Not Go Cold Turkey!

Time to switch!

How do you stop breastfeeding? Is a question a lot of mums ask, but what a lot of experienced mums don’t tell you is the painful experience that comes with it as mums opt for ‘cold turkey’ instead. Here are more effective ways to kickstart:


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1. Introduce other alternatives

Introduce the bottle and gradually start weaning them off breastmilk.

2. Start incorporating solids

Remember to start introducing solids from 6 months, fruit purees and vegetable purees work best, but if prepacked brands work for you, use them.


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3. Stop pumping and expressing milk

This lowers the production, before reducing production. You will definitely have to survive the breast engorgement phase.


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Women do not need to stop breastfeeding if they are not ready, and do not need to continue breastfeeding if they have had enough. Only do it when you feel its the right to do so.

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