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Baby #2? 5 Surprising Things You’ll Do Differently As A Second-Time Mum

Mama of two!

Expecting your second child? Ready to be a second-time mum? While this babe will most definitely be loved as equally as your first, most moms of more-than-one will tell you that your second is a game-changer meaning, Baby #2 is going to change up your parenting game. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A few things you’ll most likely do differently as a second-time mom:


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1. You’ll get over the ridiculous clothing

Yes, first baby syndrome happens to new mums, you can literally buy the whole store and still stock up on more. With baby number two, you’re wiser and most probably reusing the clothing from baby number one.

2. You’ll stop being such a germophobe

I remember this from my first pregnancy, we literally start manifesting germs that aren’t there, to begin with. Everything had to be squeaky clean, from their toys to utensils. Funny thing is that their immune system gets weaker. Baby #2 is literally ingesting germs from every corner and they are ten times much healthier.


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3. Your housekeeping standards will change.

Clearing up toys becomes a thing of the past, a messy room is completely normal at this stage, remember you now have two minions so you’ll save yourself a headache and embrace the mess.

4. You’ll give up on documenting every, little, milestone.

Shocker right? Well, the video recordings are worse and ever wondered why your bigger brother/sister has an archive of childhood photos while you have a photo or two stashed up somewhere? Now you do.


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You realize that the hype was farfetched and that you appreciate very milestone more, they are growing regardless. Be sure throw in a little more with baby #2, they’ll appreciate it in the long run.

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