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5 Things You Should Know About Natural Birth

Go the traditional way of childbirth

A natural birth and healthy pregnancy isn’t just luck.  A lot of unexpected things happen in pregnancy, and sometimes there are pre-existing conditions.

If you’re hoping to go au natural try following these five tips:
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1Pick a health care provider who’s into natural birth

I can not stress this enough! A lot of Kenyan based doctors always recommend C-sections for the wrong reasons, of course, to get extra cash from you. Be sure to find yourself a gynaecologist who is pro-natural.

2. Don’t gain too much weight

Labour tends to go more smoothly for women who aren’t overweight. They have fewer complications and require fewer medical interventions.

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3. Spend early labour at home

You can move around, get in the tub, eat and drink and go for walks. When your contractions are consistently less than five minutes apart and getting stronger for at least a couple hours no matter what you do, then you can check in with your doctor.

4. Use water

A shower, bathtub, birthing pool and hot compresses are Mother Nature’s tools for easing pain and helping you relax. Spend as much time as possible in the water.

5. Use your prenatal education

Breathe, meditate, relax, move, change positions, get a massage, listen to music, whatever it takes.

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A natural, unmedicated vaginal birth is entirely achievable and reasonable. The healing process is much easier and you’ll be left with no scars to prove it.

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