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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Kids

When Kids don’t come with a remote control

Having children is a completely shocking experience. It’s funny how people will only tell you how beautiful it is being a mother, how refreshing it is waking up to the sound of kids in the corridor, and how happy they’ll make you feel 24/7. Why don’t they ever tell you the real stuff? The stuff you need to brace yourself for? Well, they will not, but we at here ZUMI will.

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Here’s what we wish we’d known before having kids…

1. That sleeping through the night meant 3-4 hours.

2. That you can read all the books in existence, and they won’t apply to your child.

3. That they will anger, irritate and test your limits.

4. That you should sleep when they do.

5. That breastfeeding is a learned skill.

6. That TV time will never be the same. Cartoons or temper tantrums?

7. That kids aren’t an 8am-5pm job.

8. That you will have “relations” with a breastfeeding bra on.

9. That your “me time” is nonexistent.

10. That your spouse also becomes your child.

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Now that you know, whatever happens henceforth should not shock you but be the way of life.

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