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3 Effective Treatments For Relieving Engorged Breasts!

Relieve engorgement the natural way

Engorged breasts, one of the most painful motherhood experiences alongside first time latching. Once you become a mum, there are several minor discomforts that are encountered often. Out of these, engorged breasts are the most common.

engorged breasts

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Here are effective treatments that worked for me:
1. Moist heat 

Apply moist heat on the affected area or take a warm shower. The milk also starts flowing out on its own due to the heat, thereby reducing engorgement.

2. Cold compress

A cold compress also helps. Apply a cold compress for ten minutes after feeding to relieve the pain.

3. Breast pump

Use a breast pump to get the excess milk out anytime. This is highly effective in preventing and reducing the engorgement.

engorged breasts

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This situation is a temporary phase until you and your baby get comfortable with the nursing cycles. Being aware of the measures to implement in times of crisis will better equip you. Suckling and lactation are a natural process. Hang in there till you are settled in with the same. Happy Nursing!

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