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Plan Ya Easter? Tembea Kenya and Reduce On Travel Costs

You can travel anywhere you just need to be smart about how you do it.

You’re probably on your Instagram right now looking at a blogger pictured at an amazing destination or admiring a celebrity sipping on cocktails by the beach, both of them living the dream. You then go on to look at your own life and begin to question, how you can begin to attract and afford your dream holiday? Well you’re in luck, I have narrowed down top three secrets you need to know about saving money while planning a holiday, and if applied you might just get to tembea Kenya and have yourself an amazing Easter Holiday.

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Never travel during peak season

The best time to travel is during the off-peak season, which is usually when kids are back to school. The difference in prices will certainly be notable, for example, a flight to Mombasa in December will cost on average 30,000 Kshs while travelling now will cost about 10,000 Kshs.

There are also peak days, these being between Friday to Sunday. They are the most selected travel days and so prices will usually be higher. Thursday can also be slightly expensive as its the day closer to the actual peak days, so ideally choose to travel between Monday to Wednesday.

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Set a time of when to travel and start saving up for it

Perhaps you want to travel but can only do so during peak times because you are either a parent or work dictates when you take holidays, hath have no fear you can still get to go to your favourite place but what you need to do is focus on planning early.

When you book early the prices will also be cheaper and you can book as far as ten months ahead. If you book via an agent, you will more than like commit immediately because they tend to have the option of paying in instalments, which will certainly help you plan your money better.

The beauty of planning early is that you have longer to plan better on when, where and how long you want to travel. Easter is in about 40 days, so you have no excuse as to why you can’t start planning now.

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Bargain hunt for sales, package deals and last min offers

Key months to remember in the calendar is January and September, they are the months that follow after the most popular holiday season is done. To draw customers in,  flight companies, hotels, travel agents and all things travel based will have huge sales on.

What has also grown over the years are package deal offers and there are various online companies that offer this, make a point to look at them every so often you will be surprised the deals you could get.

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Bonus  Tips
  • The more people travel together the cheaper it will be. Enlist family and friends on your travel plans, as its a win-win situation for all involved.
  • Don’t do all inclusive, try half board but the best option is bed and breakfast, as this will force you to leave the hotel confinement and see the city, town and/or country that you have gone to visit.
  • Get yourself a world atlas and even the map of Kenya stick it on a wall and every time you travel somewhere to put a sticker on that place. It will be a way to put the fun in travelling and also a guide of where else to explore.
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