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Mama On A Budget! How To Afford To Travel As A Single Mum

Mum saving tips!

How to afford to travel as a single mom is something many of us wonder. You need to pay the rent, buy groceries and clothes, pay bills, fees, etc. But sometimes, you just need a little getaway. It doesn’t have to be a month-long trip to Dubai. Even a weekend trip provides a refreshing change of scenery. Yes, you do need to make some room in your budget for travel, but there are a few ways to make saving on travel relatively painless.

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1. Share costs

Travel with family or friends to save costs. A lot of vacation houses offer great packages for groups as go travel agencies.

2. Get a discount

Whether you’re travelling with family or just with your child/children getting a discount will always ease your burden. Around the holiday season, many companies offer discounts and one of the best is from If you book your accommodation using you get 3,000 shillings off as a discount after your stay.

3. Walk

Many cities are walkable. You save money and get good exercise while getting a feel for the city.

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4. Free outdoor music 

Look in the local newspapers or online events calendars to see what is going on in town. Attending an outdoor music concert is a pleasant way to pass a great evening.

5. Festivals, art exhibitions

There are multiple festivals and most of them have some free exhibits or activities. Check out the visitor guide for the area to find out when there are festivals scheduled.

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It all takes planning and research for trips, you have to know the high and low seasons to travel, what tourist attractions are there and find affordable ways of entertainment. With all that in the bag, you’re well on your way to your next trip.

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