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#GirlsJustWantToHaveFunds – University Hacks That Will Get You Spending Wisely

Survive the struggles of university life with these awesome hacks.

The period of being at university can often be the most financially limiting time periods of your life but you’re in luck because I have figured out how you can succeed at stretching out your shilling.

Here are six points that will help you get better at spending wisely:

1. Student bank account

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Get yourself a student bank account because it will be a place that you can store the money you do have and avoid spending it aimlessly when you have it as cash. You want to sign up for a bank account that has no opening balance, no charges on the account, no limitation on your withdrawal account and offers you a debit card.

2. Spend within your means

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Let not what you spend exceed what you get from your current source of income, be it money you earn from work or the allowance given by your parents. Learn to spend within your means.

3. Shop while on offer

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When you go to a supermarket lookout for the items with a discount offer, if your eyeing a pair of trousers you saw at the mall shop for them when they are on discount or if you want to eat out look out for restaurant promotions and/or even drink offers, like happy hour.

4. Save on Food

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Get in the habit of prepping your meals. You don’t have to cook food to last for the week you can even chop your vegetables and refrigerate to use them when needed, this will make it nice, quick and easy to cook after a long day. If for some reason you never have enough time to meal prep then eat kibanda type of food, your meals will mainly be from 100bob to about 200bob which is relatively doable as a short-term solution when you can’t bring with you homecooked meals.

5. Partnering up with other uni friends

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If you have a group of friends with the same interest and the level of trust has been established, you can get in the habit of doing things together from carpooling when going out on night outs, perhaps studying together and shared books, therefore splitting, and if you all love concerts or in general events getting group tickets so the costs can be slightly reduced.

6. Shop around before settling

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If you are planning on buying things like a fridge, cooker or even laptop, shop around first to see the various range in prices and then from that you can settle on the best bargain.

Learn to stretch out your shilling at all cost to reduce on the struggles experienced while in university.

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