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Failure, The Fuel To Success! Here Are 4 Things Failing Will Teach You

We learn from our failures, not our successes.

You will never know what works and what does not without failure. If you see failure as fuel rather than as a disabling device, you will begin to appreciate its presence in your life. Failure is actually trial and error because after failing you begin to tweak and make necessary changes until you finally find the formula that works.

Here are four things that failure will teach you:


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1. If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.

Thomas Edison is a great example of someone whose failure led to the success we all enjoy today, the light bulb. His tenacity is not only admirable, for it took him 10,000 trials until he managed to get the light bulb working.  Thomas teaches us that failure does not have to mean the end it really just means ok that didn’t work try another method until it makes sense.

2. Your better off failing first.

If you succeed without failure then your success will be short lived for failure might mean the end of you if you let it. The good thing about failure is it moulds and breaks you into shape. It will remind you that in order to be better you will need to work at it.


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3. You will quickly learn to be comfortable out of your comfort zone

If your aim in life is to work at being great and leaving a great legacy then be prepared to be moved out of your comfort zone. You must also understand that you will not always get what you want at the time you want it but if you’re persistent then you will earn your right to succeed and time will eventually reward you for your efforts.

4. Positive vantage points

When things aren’t quite working as you wish, you also realise that there are things that are also working. This detracts you from focusing solely on the negative facts and learning to celebrate the little victories that you are gaining along the way.


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So do not see failure as the end of you but see it as the beginning of a new you, use it as fuel and believe you me the desires of your heart will manifest at the right time.

I’ll end with this, it takes an average of four years for a Chinese bamboo to shoot out, during the four years a farmer can feel like what their doing is of no use but after the four years have passed the growth is so evident that what seemed like failure was just success growing and waiting to prosper at the opportune time.

So when things are not looking up, do not see it as you failing, but as a time for you to grow and a time that your being prepared for the blessings yet to come.

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