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8 Steps On How To Be A YouTube Star, Like Nancy Mwai, Miss Mandi or Joanna Kinuthia

YouTube Star
 Youtube is one of the most popular ways of consuming entertainment.

There are youtube stars growing every day and if you want to follow in the footsteps of our own homegrown Kenyan YouTubers like Nancy Mwai, Miss Mandi, Joanna Kinuthia and more like them, then the following eight steps will lead you in the right direction.

These are:

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1. Do something you’re passionate about

The content you create has to be something you are passionate about so that from it you find purpose and fulfillment because essentially YouTube is the tool that helps you express that. The fulfillment you get from the videos you put out is what will lead you to be consistent, invest in being creative in the posts you put out. Passion will lead you to willingly explore and experience new ideas.

2. Don’t let money lead your focus

If you start with the intent to just earn, you will soon quit when the money doesn’t roll in as frequently. Instead, you should learn to be purposeful about your content and in turn, you will be rewarded with profit.

3. Look at others for inspiration

Instead of comparing yourselves to others you should focus on looking to them for inspiration because everyone has a different journey in life.

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4. Invest in good equipment

You need to get a good camera, sound, and lighting equipment as well as editing software. Good quality videos are more likely to ensure there is engagement from audiences. The more regularly you create content the better you will be at filming and edition.

5. Prepare your mind

There will be trolls and this is not in your control, they will often leave unwarranted comments but this could be because of their culture, gender, experiences, and religion affecting how they view your content. It is also important to understand that you are also not in control of how you are perceived or how your messages are received.

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6. Set goals

Plan ideas of what videos to film and when to schedule them. Don’t beat yourself up about it if you don’t film or post as planned but do try your best to be consistent in when you post that way your audiences will remain engaged. Aim to release a video a minimum of once a week, and experiment with times to release until you find the best time and day of when audiences are mostly drawn in.

7. Social media

Share your content on your social media pages to connect with audiences and also other creatives alike of which you can get conversations going and get ideas of content too.

8. Don’t spam

Don’t go other peoples pages and tell them to watch your videos, learn to interact with the creators you like instead by connecting with their work and regularly commenting. This will more than likely draw them into what you do allowing a natural organic interest to take form.

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