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Measure Your Growth And Succeed In Life With These Two Questions

Growth must be measured through points of reflection

As you develop as a being it’s always important to measure your growth through reflecting otherwise if you don’t you will not know whether you’re close to achieving your goals or you need to work on a few things in order for that to happen.

The following are two questions that you often to ask yourself in order to properly measure your development.


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1.) Am I committed to personal growth?
A Chinese proverb says, ‘He who asks is a fool for five minutes; he who doesn’t ask remains a fool forever.’ Your hunger for wisdom and knowledge determines your future. In order to keep giving out, you must keep taking in, keep reading, keep learning and keep asking questions.
2.) Am I enjoying what I do?
You’ll never fulfill your destiny doing something you despise. Passion lies at the core of true success and fulfillment, it is the spark for your fuse. It energizes you when those around you grow tired. It helps you come up with answers when others cease to have creative ideas and strengthens you when they drop out. It gives you the courage to take risks while others crave security.

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 When you lose your passion, two things happen: first, you fail to pursue excellence; second, you jeopardize your integrity, because you’re tempted to take shortcuts and compromise by settling for less than God intended. Clues to your destiny are found in those things that generate passion in you. When you find yourself working at what you love you’re being clued into God’s purposes for you.
The answers to those questions should spark you up to light up the world with your ever glowing fire.
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