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5 Hobbies That Can Turn Into Your New Side Hustle

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Keep an open mind and the opportunities will be endless.

There is no reason why you can’t turn that hobby you love into your side hustle. All you need to do is spend time creating the right angle of how to make a profit from it, try it out until eventually, you start making money!

Before you start, do some research on what others are doing. This will help you outline the idea which will work best for you and then you will be able to tailor-make it to your surroundings.

Below are five common hobbies that you probably already do and could start earning from. They are:

1. Cooking/Baking

Majority of us grew up learning how to cook and you might find it a very easy and natural thing to do. You probably enjoy hosting guests or baking for family occasions, birthdays to Christmas too. You get a lot of compliments when you do, so how about you turn it into something you do on the side.

baker - baking

Source: Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

2.Handmade products

These can range from skincare products, hair products, food products, jewellery to greeting cards. Perhaps you’re passionate about it and have a natural talent. An interest in natural and organic products can come from you wanting something that suits your face, your hair type or simply what gets your taste buds buzzing. Perhaps you have a love for accessories and simply want to make something that is uniquely yours.  A greeting cards concept can come from your love for art and paper. Take the leap – discover the various markets which you can test out your products in and see what’s viable and understand your ideal price point.

Kenyan Jewelry

Source: Afropunk.com

3. Makeup

If you spend a lot of time in the mirror getting those eyebrows on fleek, if you can get that winged eyeliner spot on even with your eyes closed; if you love advising others on their ideal shade of foundation and will occasionally do your friends and family’s makeup, then maybe being a part-time makeup artist is your thing.

The key thing about makeup is to find your niche, your flare and your style. There are no limits for how creative you can be. In fact, the more you explore your ability the better. Also, invest in networking and collaborating with photographers, hair professionals and stylists because when one gets a job they will often think of you for the same gig too. Which leads me to my next point: keep time and be professional in all your gigs, that alone could spell the difference between your success or failure. Your professionalism will speak for you, allowing you to grow your portfolio and customer base through word of mouth, which is the best and cheapest advertising available. Lastly, take great pictures of your work and share them on social media and elsewhere so people can begin to think of you as a professional makeup artist.

valentine's day makeup & hair looks

Source: Instagram/Zanta

4. Photography

It all usually starts with taking pictures with your phone, editing and sharing them. You’re probably the type who enjoys taking pictures of everything from food to decor to people to nature, or perhaps you already specialize. You probably have some friends commenting on your photos and you’re starting to think maybe photography could be your thing. Start getting better at seeing what you can achieve with your phone, and then invest in a good camera. Start out by taking photos at family occasions, photographing the food the chef in your life makes, or going out across the city to take pictures of what you see. You will slowly discover what type of photography you enjoy, the style and signature that’s you.

Source: Unsplash


If you enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn to get your fitness on and invest a lot of time in getting your nutrition right then maybe being a fitness instructor or a nutritionist might be the ideal way for you to go. Test this out by sharing the results of your own experiments, tools or strategies that have helped you realize and maintain your optimum fitness level. If sharing your story draws the interest of others, perhaps the next step is to explore the ways you can earn money from it. Most successful businesses use a lot of trial and error before they get their winning formula – why should your journey to success be any different?

run - exercise - stairs

Source: Bruno Nascimento

There are almost a million ways to earn money, but the first step is to identify where your money-making opportunity is. Start with what you would do for free. Whatever that may be, try your hand at turning it into an income opportunity and let practice make you a master in day by day.




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